Heritage is the history and preservation of the place, and the stories it tells. It can be seen in the bricks and mortar of ex-factories and warehouses. It is the memory of yesterday, and the foundation of tomorrow. And Sterling Junction has it all.

Let your feet (and nose) follow the trail…From the chocolate aroma emanating from Nestles, once Cowans Cocoa and Chocolate factory, to the preserved gravitas of TA Lytle’s building – now housing urban icons like the Drake Commissary to Henderson’s Brewery and Bottle Shop, to the impressive stand-alone tower of The Automotive Building, Sterling Junction has heritage in aces. From its architectural bones, to every element – from the pickles and preserves and old-school signage of the past, to the arts, craft and cultural contributions of its present - all collectively inform the unique narrative – and energy - that exists today – not just as a nostalgic reminder of the what was, but as a vital anchor to its transformation into the dynamically recharged community of Sterling Junction.


Everything evolves, and shifts, and transforms and throughout the noughts into the now, the once-industrial area around Sterling Road has witnessed a culture- and craft-based renewal to become a place where creatives can live, work, connect and thrive.

When buildings are repurposed and once again infused with life, the seeds of a new community emerge. In Sterling Junction’s case the rediscovery was courtesy of Toronto’s artists, writers, brewers and makers.

These early residents, alongside the few homes north to Bloor, brought an effortlessly cool vibe to Sterling that didn’t go unnoticed.

With abundant raw space, and endless opportunities to establish themselves, Toronto’s creative class of services gradually migrated in – think animation, design, architecture and photography studios, branding agencies, even a recording studio. Then, Henderson’s Brewery and its Beer Shop and Tasting Room arrived, quickly followed by the Drake Commissary, immediately providing Sterling Road with the kind of crafted credibility foodies and urbanites crave.

By the time 2018 came around and the Museum of Contemporary Art took pride of place in the gloriously restored Automotive Building, Sterling was no longer a hidden gem on the brink of revitalization but a place of transformation with a heritage and ex-industrial charm all its own – and an exciting palette for the future.


The future starts here – in a new name that collectively creates a community identity for all of the area’s elements and starts a conversation about how Sterling Junction is evolving.

Well-connected, designed and integrated, Sterling Junction is the place where industrial meets modern in the complementary spirit of creating a community that, while authentically cool by virtue of its DNA, is simply a place where you will want to find yourself, and maybe find your (creative) self too.

Upcoming Opportunities

Live where culture counts with new residential opportunities coming from Marlin Spring and Greybrook in 2021 Sterling Junction is where you will be able to live and breathe culture.

Work in a visionary place HINES’ new office buildings are not only cutting edge by architectural definition, but will create a progressive modern and sustainably-minded workplace for the work of tomorrow.

Thrive here By its very nature of being a place of craft , culture and like-minded connections - Sterling Junction feeds your spirit and senses. A place you can grow and thrive, be sure to follow us now and throughout the coming years as we continue our evolution!